Davao, Manila drivers enjoy #PetronBestDay in Iloilo

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Drivers from Manila and Davao recently took on a 6-day roadtrip challenge as part of the Petron Triaction Performance Run.

All the way from Davao City, the drivers journeyed going to Manila passing through Cagayan De Oro, Dapitan, Cebu, Dumaguete, Bacolod, Iloilo and Mindoro to measure Petron fuel’s performance. More than that, it’s also a way for them to explore the offerings of each city and province they pass by.

Here in Iloilo, the drivers had a #PetronBestDay with me. From their early morning trip from Bacolod, I met them at Netong’s Original Batchoy in Esplanade. Ofcourse, their visit in Iloilo City will not be completed without tasting the famous Batchoy.

Originated in Lapaz District, Netong’s Original Batchoy is one of the homegrown brands of Iloilo. It started its operation in 1940 and now on its third generation of family ownership.

The drivers enjoyed the flavorful Batchoy soup made even special by the view of people having morning jog at the Iloilo River Esplanade which is one of the best showcases of the city government’s efforts to rehabilitate the Iloilo River and promote healthy lifestyle among the Ilonggos.

After taking an Ilonggo breakfast treat, I took the drivers to our next stop – the St. Anne Parish Church or better known as Molo Church. Called as a “feminist church” with its 16 women saints displayed on the center pillars, the drivers didn’t miss the chance to pray and take selfies of its Spanish-colonial interior design.

It is said that Dr. Jose Rizal visited Molo Church in 1896 on his way to Manila after being exiled in Dapitan. Meanwhile, Molo was used to be called the Athens of the Philippines as it became the educational center of the Philippines during the Spanish era.

From Molo District, we passed through the Iloilo Business Park in Mandurriao where I got to show them the Iloilo Convention Center and other new and upcoming establishments. It’s overwhelming to note that they were all amazed with the developments they have seen in Iloilo City.

Mandurriao is now becoming the new business and commercial center of Iloilo City because of the big establishments and property developments mushrooming in this district.

In just 10 minutes, we reached our third stop – the Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral. If Molo Church is known as all-female saints, Jaro Metroploitan Cathedral has all-male saints, except from the miraculous Our Lady of Candles image. I brought some of the drivers to the image of Nuestra Senora dela Candelaria to pray for their personal intentions. They also enjoyed touring inside the church and take some photos of the church’s iconic fa├žade.

Jaro Cathedral devotees would usually light a blessed candle called “perdon” as offering to Our Lady of Candles to ask her intercession in granting their wishes. Nuestra Senora dela Candelaria was decaled by Pope John Paul II as the patroness of Western Visayas during his visit in 1982 when he crowned the said image.

Before a long drive going to our next destination, we first dropped by Petron Service Station in Mandurriao to gas up. There I had a little talk with the drivers on what can they say about Iloilo after seeing some of its top destinations. And they all agreed that Iloilo City is flourishing, but still the Ilonggos were able to preserve their rich culture.

While on the road going to our last stop, I enjoyed my convo with driver LJ Garcia and his co-driver Barry Ortiz. In almost an hour travel, we already tackled topics from what’s really happening during the Performance Run, their take on different political issues, place we visited and want to visit and some travelling tips. I’m also happy that they can relate to my millennial stories as they said, they always hear it from their kids. They even know some millennial terms. Those topics really made our roadtrip extra fun and less boring!

It’s almost 12 noon when we reached Midway Fresh Market and restaurant in Passi City where we had our lunch. It also became our last destination in Iloilo before they head to Aklan to catch an early trip going to Mindoro the following day.


We had an organic lunch at Midway. We enjoyed fresh produces from the restaurant’s farm. Everyone’s favorite is the nilaga and fried tilapia which are also the restaurant’s specialties. The drivers also enjoyed the view and the laid-back feels of the place – a breather especially to the drivers Manila who struggle from traffic and pollution everyday.

I had a fun half-day tour with the drivers who took Petron’s Challenge. Aside from I was able to showcase how beautiful and progressive Iloilo is, I also made new friends even within a short period of time. Thanks to the smooth ride we had. We were able to maximize our time and they got to enjoy Iloilo. Truly, it’s always a best day with Petron!

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