#DokFerj hopes for economically empowered Iloilo

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Cong. Ferjenel "#DokFerj" Biron narrates his struggles as a poor boy who can't barely afford to have a decent school bag to becoming a successful businessman and now a public servant.

I am not really into politics. As a matter of fact, I try to be apolitical as much as possible, especially now that election season is fast approaching.

As a millennial, politics seems to be a hard to discuss topic. But we cannot also deny the fact that it should always be something that we should think about as it defines our future as a country.

I actually have second thoughts in posting this, but I think this man deserves a spot in my blog with his vision for the province of Iloilo.

I may not be a voter of Iloilo (since my voting residence is still in Capiz), but I have been staying here for more than a decade now, and I have seen how this province evolved from being laid back into one of the region's centers for economic growth.

I am talking about Cong. Ferjenel Biron of the 4th District of Iloilo who is also now running for Governor in the upcoming 2019 Elections.

Dok Ferj as what he is popularly known, has served the Congress for four consecutive terms and authored significant bills such as the Cheaper Medicine Act of 2008, Food and Drug Administration Act, Gift Check Act, Ease of Doing Business Act, among many others.

Dok Ferj envisions Iloilo to have more economic zones that will result to employment, greater opportunities for business, building of more infrastructure projects, and improvement of access to health care and better education.

What I admire most about Dok Ferj is his sincerity everytime he speaks. By just listening to him, I can already tell that this man is not just a politician, he is a servant who serves the people with a purpose.

“We live life by example and give opportunities for people to educate and empower themselves. I myself came from a family that lived with very limited means, and I know how it is like to tackle the countless challenges of poverty to achieve the life I dreamed for myself and my family. But it’s possible to rise from the throes of poverty, given the right opportunities. I believe this is the right time for me to give back with these right opportunities, and I wish to enlist the support of the Ilonggos so that we can all win the future for Iloilo as a progressive and economically empowered province,” Dok Ferj said in a statement.

I am not saying that Dok Ferj should be your choice as Governor. But whoever your choice will be this upcoming election, just choose someone whom you think can fulfil their promises and will never take advantage of other people's weaknesses.

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