#makeITsafePH: Modern Day Plagiarism

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As a former mass communications student, I have known the term "plagiarism" as a mortal sin in the field of journalism. It is an unethical conduct that involves copying someone's work without proper credit.

Ironically, this is one of the most common errors that journalists or even ordinary citizen commit either because of an honest mistake or an intended action.

Technically, plagiarism is the act of copying or stealing other people's work, idea or published material without properly acknowledging the source. It commonly happens to the world of journalism and research where sources are important and needed.

As modernization takes place, methods and ways of plagiarism have also evolved. Just like how the internet changed the way we do things at present, plagiarism has also become easier and convenient to the doers.

By way of "copy-pasting", anyone nowadays can easily copy an article and make it as their own. The digital world has indeed given so much power to the netizens that it can be easily abused by the users.

On the lighter side, checking and verifying plagiarized contents has now made easier also because of the availability of the internet. All you have to do is to put the statement on the search engine and it will show you related results. Unless, the plagiarized content was from published sources and not lifted in the internet.

How to avoid Plagiarism?

As a blogger, I must admit that I am also very vulnerable to plagiarism but I always make sure that I won't commit that said mistake.

I often look my sources online when writing a blog which requires data and background information. And the easiest way for me to do that is through "copy-paste". But that doesn't mean I already commit plagiarism because I assure all the time that I give credits to my sources if ever I copy something.

Plagiarism is an error often committed, especially online. Yet, there are also ways to prevent it. Here are some reminders that you need to take note in order to avoid plagiarism in this digital age.

          👍Do not borrow other people's work and appear it like your original piece.
          👍Avoid copying the statement word by word. Tweak it if needed.
          👍Always give credit to the source, especially if you "copy-paste" the content.
         👍When re-wording, understand the statement or idea first to give your readers or audience the right information.
          👍Better to just compose your own ideas and statements and do not copy at all.

Anyone wouldn't want to be called as copycat. Thus, originality really matters all the time. Copying one's work is another form of cheating and you don't want to be cheated or to become a cheater, right? 

Though plagiarism is not a crime in nature, it could still be considered as an illegal act, especially if it already involves copying a content or material which has intellectual property, copyright or trademark.

About #makeITsafePH

Anyone is at risk of either becoming a culprit or victim of plagiarism and other unethical conducts online. Good thing Globe Telecom initiates the #makeITsafePH campaign which aims to educate netizens the risks and treats that they are facing online if they mishandle the use of the internet.

Moreover, the said campaign teaches internet users the online etiquette to avoid cybercrimes which are common in this digital age. 

Be part of Globe's #makeITsafePH by being a responsible internet user. Join the movement and let's all help create a safe online environment for everyone!

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