The Marketplace by Rustan's opens in Festive Walk Mall Iloilo Annex

10/17/2018 Randomly Candid 0 Comments

Grocery experience will never be the same for the Ilonggos as The Marketplace by Rustan's just set the bar higher with its opening at the Festive Walk Mall Iloilo Annex on October 5.

I got a chance to be one of the invited bloggers to have a first glance of what it offers to the Ilonggos during the VIP launch held the day prior. And I must say that the array of product selection at The Marketplace will surely elate the Ilonggos.

Bearing the "gourmet everyday" concept, The Marketplace seeks to bring its refined offerings across the country. I transformed the ordinary grocery experience into a whole new world of premium grocery and lifestyle shopping with its selection of local and international products, bringing sophisticated shopping to the Ilonggos.

I don't usually cook my own food since I am just living alone. I prefer to eat outside of just buy ready-to-eat food for convenience. That's why I love The Marketplace because aside from the best gourmet brands it carries and high quality fresh products on the rack, it has also freshly cooked meals daily that one can indulge.

Check out these different products that you can find at The Marketplace!

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