Top New Places to Visit in Cebu

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Cebu is one of the cities that we will never get tired of going back. Every time we go to the “Queen of  the South”, there’s always something new to experience.


‘Tis the season for Ginebra San Miguel calendar

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Come “ber” months, aside from the frenzy that the start of Christmas season brings, the launch of Ginebra San Miguel Calendar Girl has also become a much-anticipated event.


Dunkin’ Donuts ‘Aguinaldo in Every Cup’

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Dunkin’ Donuts will surely #MakeEverydayBetter with this early Christmas treat for the coffee lovers!


The search is on for Miss Iloilo 2020

10/08/2019 Randomly Candid 2 Comments

Miss Iloilo 2020 Core Group

Do you have what it takes to be the Miss Iloilo 2020?

Bearing the tagline "Heartfelt Beauty", Miss Iloilo 2020 was officially launched as the search is on for this most-coveted title.

If you think you have or you know someone with the following, then it's time to submit an application!


Top Destinations to Visit in Taiwan

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I only know Taiwan before as then country where milk tea was popularly originated and as the home of my favorite Asianovela way back in elementary, Meteor Garden. My fellow Batang 90s can relate and would probably know Shan Cai and the F4 or the Flower 4 - Dao Ming Si, Hua Ze Lei, Mei Zuo and Ximen.


Federal Land launches Marco Polo Parkplace in Cebu

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After more than a year, finally I'm back to Cebu to have a sneak peek of the much-awaited Marco Polo Parkplace, the fifth tower of  Marco Polo Residence, Federal Land's luxury condominium.


Transcom Iloilo treats employees with 'Tunog Transcom Tayo Year 2'

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Randomly Candid, A Not So Secret Life and Nile on Weekends

I was once a BPO employee AKA call center agent for the many and I have proved how hard it is to assist customers who are mostly toxic, especially the irate ones. That is why I have high regards to those who are working in this industry.


Half Half Hooray with Dunkin’ Donuts for Coffee Day

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We always need that coffee fix everyday. My day always kicks off after a cup of coffee before I start my tasks in the office. And I’m one of those coffee lovers who got so much excited for the much-awaited Dunkin’ Coffee Day last September 6. 


Top 5 Must-Eats in Pampanga

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Just like Iloilo, Pampanga is popular for its delightful gastronomic attractions, making it known as the “Culinary Capital of the Philippines”.


Where to go in CDO?

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Known as the “City of Golden Friendship”, Cagayan De Oro is a gem for the adventure seekers. As a “Gateway to Northern Mindanao”, this city serves as an entry point to different areas in the South such as Davao, General Santos, Iligan and Bukidnon, among others.


Cignal TV launches One PH—Ang Boses ng Nagkakaisang Pilipinas

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CIGNAL TV, the country’s no.1 Pay TV Provider, formally launched the latest addition to its exclusive lineup of news channels, ONE PH.


Japan Itinerary: Top 3 Must-Visits in Nagano

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Japan has been one of my dream destinations. Aside from the beautiful places to visit in this country, I have been fascinated by how Japanese people adopt to modernization without sacrificing their customs and traditions. That is why I became really happy when I was given the chance to visit Japan as one of the 15 Filipino youth ambassadors for the Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange Students and Youths (JENESYS) for Media Industry last year.


Making First Moments Happen in Lubao International Balloon and Music Festival with Cebu Pacific

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Another flight is soon opening in Iloilo! This time, it's a direct flight to one of the country's major hubs!

Cebu Pacific Air will surely make your first moments happen as it is launching the Iloilo-Clark-Iloilo flight starting August 9.


Guimaras beyond sweet mangoes and beautiful beaches

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Going to the beach has been our refuge when we are too stressed with our busy life in the city. And speaking about beach, our go-to weekend beach getaway is Guimaras Island which just around 15 minutes boat ride away from Iloilo City.


Make Your Own Pizza at Greenwich

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Are you a pizza lover? Now, you can fall in love with pizza more as Greenwich lets you make your own - top the dough with cheese, meat and veggies the way you want it. And the best thing is that you can enjoy doing it with your barkada. 


Conquering Guimaras Island with the new Ford Ranger

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I was recently out for a roadtrip in one of my favorite getaway places – Guimaras Island – for the Iloilo leg of Ford Ranger Media Drive to test the new Ford Ranger.


San Miguel Pale Pilsen kicks off CONNECT Pub Crawl in Iloilo City

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Every Saturday night, I always find time to relax either by having a soothing massage or a good drink with some friends. But that Saturday night, I to decided to ditch the massage and chose to go out for a drink!


Cable Car Iloilo welcomes you home with new menu

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My Saturday night will not be completed without having some de-stressing. And aside from spa, my go-to Saturday place is ofcourse at the bar with my friends.


Welcoming summer at The New Beach Head Resort in Carles

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The town of Carles is getting known as one of the top summer destinations in Iloilo. It is where the famous Isla de Gigantes is to be found and there are a lot of white sand beaches and sandbars that you can visit here for your #SummerDiaries.


Valentine's Dinner Buffet at 'The Mansion'!

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Celebrate Valentine's Day at The Mansion!

For only P799 net per person, you can already enjoy romantic dinner buffet with lots of delightful gastronomic feast prepared by the well-trained culinary team of The Mansion. You can also have an option for unlimited drinks for an additional P400 (softdrinks, juices, wine and beer).


BMW opens Pop-Up store in Festive Mall Iloilo

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Luxury and sophistication is now at your reach with with the opening of the first ever BMW Pop-Up Store in Iloilo located in Festive Mall Iloilo Annex.