#TravelBACKetList: Puning Hot Spring in Pampanga

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A lot has changed since the unwelcomed guest – COVID-19- arrived in the Philippines. Communities were locked down, people stayed home, business operations ceased, and travels were banned. Undoubtedly, this pandemic has caused a lot of inconvenience to everyone, regardless of age, gender, race, and status.

As a lifestyle blogger and travel enthusiast, I miss the excitement of packing my luggage for a trip, the adrenaline of running late for flights, the happiness of visiting new places, and the adventures of trying out local dishes and doing things for the first time.

While we are all adapting to the so-called “new normal”, I have come up with a new blog series that will excite you to do more travel adventures after this crisis. And I’m calling it #TravelBACKetlist.

First on our #TravelBACKetList is my one-of-a-kind nature encounter at Puning Hot Spring in Porac, Pampanga last year.

Aside from the great food (READ: Top 5 Must-Eats in Pampanga), Pampanga is also blessed with beautiful attractions. One of them is Puning Hot Spring, an underrated beauty emerged from a disaster. If you want to go on an adventure, commune with nature and relax all at the same time, this destination is something you shouldn’t miss.


Puning Hot Spring is about an hour's drive away from Clark, Pampanga’s capital. Before reaching the main spot of the resort, guests are welcomed with an orientation at Station 1 where the restaurant is located. It is also where you can change outfits to the garments provided by the resort, or you can have your own OOTD. Just make sure that you wear a comfortable one for a hot spring bath.

After changing clothes and the orientation, get ready for a nature adventure as you dock to a 4x4 jeep that will bring you to the next station.


While on our way to Station 2, I was amazed by the natural wonders of terrains and vast lands resting on the foot of the mountain. The lahar dust and splashes from the narrow creeks in between rock formations add to the challenge but worth the adventure.

Station 2 is about a 40-minute ride from the first one. Upon arrival, guests will be greeted with a relaxing ambiance complemented by the sweet and welcoming smiles of the therapists. It’s also worth noting that these therapists are also the native of the place, the Aetas.

In Station 2, we were treated to an ultimate relaxation indulgence in an outdoor sauna. We were buried in volcanic ashes which is being heated through a pugon underneath. The sand is hot enough for you to sweat profusely, but not too hot to burn your skin. 

Breathable kimonos were also provided to prevent the sand from sticking to your skin while you sweat. While being buried, the therapists will step on your arms and legs for a more relaxing massage experience. Can you imagine how soothing it is?

The experience doesn’t stop there. After the volcanic ash pampering, a mud pack session follows. It’s another different kind of experience as they are using a mud made of lahar to cover your whole body and face, giving you more glowing and radiant skin after.


Station 3 will complete your nature adventure experience at Puning. It has eight hot spring pools and a cold spring pool where you can have a very relaxing dip and wash the mud pack you had on the previous station.

Aside from the man-made pools fed by Sacobia River’s natural thermal springs, the location is also perfect for you to enjoy the vast Pinatubo landscape. There are also cottages where you can rest in between hot spring baths.

The experience ends back to Station 1 where a buffet lunch is served to guests on a laid back nipa hut.


Now that you have an idea of what to indulge at Puning Hot Spring, it’s time for you to plan out your travel when everything is back to normal.

From Iloilo, you can have a direct flight to Clark via Cebu Pacific (READ: New Clark-Bcd, Clark-Ilo, vise versa flights to open on August). Good thing they have Piso Fares that you can always watch out with travel periods in the last quarter of this year and the first quarter of next year.

Aside from Piso Fares, Cebu Pacific has now also implemented stringent safety measures (READ: CEB intensifies sanitation protocols for flight restart) to ensure the safety of every traveler.

So, while we are waiting for the day when we can accomplish our travel bucket lists, let us prioritize our health first and keep safe so that #EveryJuanWillFlyAgain.

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